Lawrence Lek (DE/UK)
2017, HD video, stereo sound, 48m 15s

Geomancer is a CGI film by Lawrence Lek about the creative awakening of artificial intelligence. On the eve of Singapore’s 2065 Centennial, an adolescent satellite AI escapes its imminent demise by coming down to Earth, hoping to fulfil its dream of becoming the first AI artist. Faced with a world that limits its freedom, Geomancer must come to terms with its militarised origins, a search that begins with a mysterious group of AI’s known as the Sinofuturists…
Rendered in HD with Unreal Engine video game software, and featuring a neural network-generated dream sequence and a synthesised vocaloid soundtrack, Geomancer explores the implications of post-human consciousness.


Małopolska Garden of Arts | Rajska 12
Cinema room

26-28.10.2018 | 18:00-20:00
free entrance | space limited