AV NIGHT performances
MAOTIK / Comfort Zones / Microseq / ABDX

4 audiovisual performances – the one by a French artist Maotik, which will present the poetic vision of the world from the perspective of drones. The program also includes the ‘Comfort Zones’ project by a Polish duo from Wroclaw, Cyprian nature in the spectacle created by Pandelis Diamantides and a cosmic journey carried out live on the 360 degree visual system by AB/DX from Mexico.
Drones, nature, cosmic sounds and noise coming from Earth.

Maotik (FR)

Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows
Pandelis Diamantides (CY/NL)

Comfort Zones
Bartłomiej Szlachcic, Paweł Galacki (PL)



Detailed information can be found here.

Tickets available via Goingapp.