FIEDEL | Berghain| Ostgut Ton
AV Night 2 Hotel Forum

The main character of AV NIGHT 2 at the legendary Hotel Forum will be Fiedel- producer, a long-time Ostgut connected and subsequent Berghain resident, one of Berlin?s true peak time champs that defies stereotypical notions of what the sturdy Berlin techno sound allegedly seems like. He combines apparently opposing music through interaction and mixing of styles and moods, minimalism with house, heavy electro, and even occasionally hi-NRG, without loosing the storyline ? all this makes out the characteristic Fiedel sound.
Plus great monochromatic visuals created by the best VJs from Vienna, Budapest and London.

FIEDEL [Ostgut Ton, Fiedelone, MMM] / Berlin
Eltron John / Ktoś Cię Kocha
Sylwia / NYP
B.Baran / Unitrax / Rotten Periodicity

4youreye [AT]
ElasticEye [UK]
Attaray Visual [HU]

15.10.2016 | Saturday | 22:00
Hotel Forum
15 zł | pre-sale
20 zł | at the entrance

Co-organiser of the AV NIGHT 2 is Goethe Institute in Krakow.