Program and theme of the Patchlab Festival 2018!

Patchlab Digital Art Festival
2018 Krakow

Can artificial intelligence create a work of art?

The theme of the 7th edition of the Patchlab Festival will be ARTBOTS.
The festival will be held in Krakow from 23-28 October, 2018.
We will examine a world increasingly full of intelligent algorithms, and try to make contact with creative AI.

In 2014, scientists created a new version of a test for machine inteligence. To pass it, artificial intelligence must show imagination and create a work of art based on the data provided. This need not be a work of genius; what counts is creativity. Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be creative, beyond its enormous computing power that surpasses human capabilities? What could this creativity look like, and how might it be perceived? Will the development of AI lead to a radical change in how we define a work of art? And one last question: Will the creative power of artificial intelligence affect our attitude towards it? We will be reflecting on all this during Patchlab festival 2018.

Detailed program here.